Thursday, December 31, 2009


Yeah!!! Honey Bear and I get to stay in IL for two days to see family for the holidays!!! We have their gifts, except for my son...THE worlds hardest to buy for next to Honey Bear! Oh, speaking of Honey Bear...have I told you how much he loves me? He is so totally awesome...he has been buying me Christmas and birthday gifts (no, thats not his love for me, thats his EXPRESSION of love for me) for weeks now! (My b-day is next week). He has bought me SO much cool stuff - he even went out and bought me the movie Paranormal Actvity because every time we wanted to check it out from Redbox, it was gone (the title is removed so you cant pick it at that particular location), so, we started watching it last night, but after seeing the movie Entity, which by the way, I HIGHLY recommend (its an older movie, from the 70s I think)....I started to get scared...we watched the rest of it today and what a let down...oh we were so bummed out with how they ended it....I said I loved the thought, but we threw it out...thats how bad it, do not, nope, dont even waste your dollar at redbox for it, do not rent it, it is NOT worth even the dollar sorry to say...


The loving thought from Honey Bear was worth more then a million!!!

PS...we will be visiting family tomorrow, so enjoy the new day of 2010!



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