Friday, December 25, 2009


So, let me tell you ANOTHER reason I beleive God not only hears our prayers, but He will and DOES send angels.

Ok, I told you we reached Nebraska and we are stuck here in TERRIBLE weather. We are in North Platte, NE and right now, they have shut down the interstate, the wind is so strong, its created white outs every where, they are expectin more cold, wind and snow here. On top of that, by the time we reach the midwest, we will hit another storm all the way to the east coast.

Well, Go has sent men to try to help us, our truck air compressor has stopped working - without it, we cant move -- our trailer is frozen in place. We went inside to grab a bite to eat, for a change of pace since I cook inside the truck. Well, the place was packed because everything is closed in this town. So, we shared a table with a single gentleman who we spent a Christmas meal with. This absolute stranger paid our dinner bill - he said, as I have been stating all the time - his exact words were, Remember...Jesus is the reason for the season and I proudly displayed my cross to him. This, I can barely state it here, but this gesture that real people STILL exist out there, made me cry in the middle of our meal.

The waitress, bless her heart, was swamped, but extremely good spirited. Because God sent so many angels today to try to help us in one way or another, she thought she wouldnt be able to see her kids because she was working and the weather, we gave her a LARGE tip for her great spirit and sure enough, right then, her kids showed up at work for her.

So, each and every time I have feared God not caring, He does and this post is to give you hope on any and all of your cloudy days...




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