Wednesday, January 6, 2010


WOW everyone, are you experiencing this snow storm!? We just left a beautiful Colorado, it was so nice, that we were working outside without coats and now, we are stranded in Nebraska due to this increible snowstorm! Winds, snow, blowing, is suppose to drop to 25-40 degrees below zero tonight AND it is going to hit Idaho and Illnois by tomorrow...our route, so we are in the midst of this thing...what a disasterous storm. We were suppose to be in Illinois tonight, but that simply is not going to happen and of course, bossman thinks nothing of it sitting behind his desk, with expectations of us being in Chicago no later then tomorrow morning. We sent him pics on the phone of this, we are just going to sit this thing out here in Nebraska, not too far from Lincoln.

Read the facts here:

Honey Bear and I will be spending most of today together...thank you Lord!, so as time allows, I will post, I just wanted to give you the heads up of what we are doing and this storm.




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