Friday, January 22, 2010


Hi everyone!

We drove from Commerce City, Colorado straight to Indiana from yesterday afternoon...whew, what a haul! So, Honey Bear is exhausted and getting some much needed sleep and I on the other hand, am doing laundry, email catch up....the usual :-)

Hope you are enjoying these past few real nice weather days. Funny how Colorado is, we were in Denver without coats on and wearing gym shoes...we had to go to the other side of the rockies and we had to bundle up! It was a blizzard in those mountains! But, Colorado took very good care of those mountain roads, so I am extra grateful to that team!

Nebraska on the other wonder Nebraska an Idaho have so many accidents...even in last nights frozen fog (fog that litterally freezes), there were your idiot drivers who just dont get it...

Anyway, time to check the laundry status and I will post as I can...

Have an awesome day!




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