Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Goo morning all! I sure would love a shout out from ya telling me how YOUR day is going or how it has gone....

Well, it turns out the fire we had the other night was a worn out thing, AND it would have been a fire any way, but especially, if we were sleeping, we would not be here .... I dont know how much you would know about trucks, but on a car hauler, we have hyralics that lift the decks so we can load cars on two levels of the, we have more to deal with then a freight truck (just one example)....anyway, this lift is run electrically off a motor which is run off one of the four (yes it takes four to six to run a semi)...the rubber coating that holds te wires (you see these blue/green/black/red curly wires hanging between the truck and trailer), they rubbed over time just enough away that a teeny spot wore through and it was bare wire touching bare wire....resulting in an electrical fire all the way to the battery that supported it. One little breeze or bump, whether we are awake or asleep was going to set those two to touch and Hence, the mechanic said we are beyond lucky.

And what does the boss say??? Oh, you had trailer issues, get to work! Thank goodness we have a job, thank goodness we have a job...that's our daily mantra anymore.

We are in chilly chilly Pennsylvania this morning and Honey Bear has finally had the chance to get some shut eye. Me, of course, got cold and curled up in bed with the dog and cat and let the roll of the truck lull me to sleep and now I sit...wide awake, listening to the most wonderful tune...Honey Bears snoring....mmmmmmm....I just love that sound.

So, I will be online until he wakes up and will be bringing you some great stuff today!





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