Sunday, February 21, 2010

National Spay Day: Join The Cause

National Spay Day: Join The Cause
The Humane Society's National Spay Day is coming up on February 23rd and volunteers can help spread the word to educate fellow Americans about the important of spaying or neutering pets.

You know...I never realized the health benefits of spaying our dog until she has become sick. You see, not only does it prevent unwanted litters, but our sweet little girl has breast cancer...why? how? Because, of her incredible sweet innocense, all we saw her whole life was we kept her from male dogs (or if she played with them, they never did anything), but she would have made a wonderful mommy, we just didnt find a suitable mate, let alone, what would we do with all the pups...well, 12 yrs later, she has cancer. We were told that if you spay them early, this wouldnt be a problem, OR it would not be a hig is too late to know this...we know t for the future, but had we known this, we WOULD have fixed her. So, our lesson learned CAN be a great insite for you pet owners out there too!



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