Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review - Milano's Italian Grille

Hi everyone! Well, its been awhile since I did a food review of something we really enjoy (for all new members, Honey Bear and I travel the US East Coast to West Coast, mostly NY to Denver & the Rockies)...well, we found a frozen meal we really enjoy. When you cant cook homemade or you want something quick, let me tell ya, this is a go-to meal. Milano's Italian Grille. We havent been dissapointed with any of the flavors. Do not let the price or size fool you - the size is ONLY for two people IF you serve something else with it, otherwise its a very hefty one person meal, NOT anymore then that. The lasagna comes in a dish inside the package one, its about 2 inches high by about 4 inches long, but its very dense...thick. The milano is my favorite and so is the marsala.

You can find them at your local Walmart. I havent found any coupons for them, but we buy these on a weekly basis, they are that good (for frozen meals).



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