Sunday, February 14, 2010


Good morning and Happy Valentines Day!!!

We went to bed in Colorado (Denver area) and it was dry as a bone, now that I woke up...guess what? already an inch of SNOW and its coming down, HARD. Bossman made promises we cannot keep, so he is not being a very nice person right now. He made plans for us to do all kinds of pickups and drop offs IN the Rocky Mountains....right now, they have a major storm happening there that we simply cannot handle in this truck! We get stuck on the on-ramps....and his expectations of going through the mountains...mountains greater then the Apalachians!! So, we are both EXTREMELY cranky, angry, and praying for an answer of what to do...the other drivers (two), they drink the energy drinks, drive stupid, abuse the equipment, everything BAD that they could do, and they shine in his Honey Bear and I, we work the right way, safety, care, the way you want a person to work for you and we are on his poop list left and right...not fair and extremely discouraging. I hate it when you are doing all the right things and yet, its simply not good enough.

Anyway, doing a load of laundry and the internet here is sucky, but I will do my best to post for you. I DO hope you enter our new giveaway - my sister really helped me with this one and it would lift my spirits too...Its for a Pillsbury VIP Breakfast giftpack!! Enter here and pass the link around - this could be a fun one!!

Enjoy today, your home, your family...and truly be thankful for each and every blessing- no matter how big or how small...

Hugs to all,



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