Saturday, February 20, 2010


Oh yeah...and if any of our readers could help me out in a few areas, I would GREATLY appreciate it:

1-coupons....any unwanted coupons, I have someone who could use them - please email me and I will send you the mailing address

2-green foods -- Honey Bear misses how we use to make green juices, had the whole setup and we had to get rid of it awhile back and he misses it terribly, so if you know of any free resources, samples, etc...please email me the info

3-in need of gardening seeds, ideas, books, etc...if you have any info or resources, please email me

4-free vegetales videos....need this too!

All of these, please put the one you are helping with in the subject line and I thank you in advance. email me at robnmar at




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