Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I gotta tell ya, it sure has been nice hanging out like regular folks with Honey Bear, our pets....the pc....nice. I appreciate the internet time he has PATIENTLY given to me these past few days. I do make sure I take care of my home and family first, though...an important lesson I would like all women to know...the internet is nothing....nothing....when you compare it to one moment with your loved ones, it loses every time.

We will be getting back to work tomorrow though, so this avalanche of posting will come back to a screeching halt soon (well, except for my on the road postings every few days that is). We are all cozied up on the bed, playing, sleeping...ahhhhhh, that's the best description I can give ya.

Well, anyway, as I have been posting, I have been cleaning up the blog too and promoting our giveaway which ends Saturday night...remember, Be The Heart Of Your Home and you will never go wrong!



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