Thursday, March 4, 2010


Good morning all!

Well, we are in Missouri, due to be in Illinois this week after a run to Denver. Honey Bear....ahhhh, my Honey Bear....have I told you just how much I love him and how incredible he is? I personally feel like an idiot who cant get it right, but he is THE most amazing man, always and forever...why? Just because he is Honey Bear. I am so grateful for him, beyond words. Tomorrow is our 11 yr anniversary...pretty awesome to STILL melt everytime he touches me. He wouldnt know, as I am ALWAYS cranky due to bossman, even when I try not to be...I am one huge crank ball, because in todays economy, you have to grin and bear it at jobs, for fear of losing it.

So, I sit here, hoping and praying for a never ending love, patience and forgiveness from the one man who means beyond words to me....

I cleaned out over 100 posts this morning, making room for new ones I have stored up for ya!

Enjoy your day, and as always, Be The Heart of YOUR Home and you will never go wrong!




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