Friday, March 5, 2010


Missouri...beautiful state, been here many times throughout my lifetime.....wouldn't want to be known as one though..why? You should have seen the mess they create while driving...if I read another article about accidents in that state....oh well, too bad...start an adult must attend driving school for drivers who already have their licenses!!

We drive a big truck, a car hauler, like many other people, we do the speed limit, we are professionals on the job as well as behind the wheel, Honey Bear will help you out in a heart beat..that kind of, here is why I am miffed with that state:

1-We are on a highway that ran through town. As you exit town, the lanes from one two, to one. Slower traffic is ALWAYS to be in the right hand lane. The lane we are in has become the last exit out of town lane, so, we turn on our signal to get onto the one that leads onward. This person...this complete idiot, yes, you heard me -- IDIOT! Stayed in the middle of our truck/trailer. Honey Bear waves him to move ahead of us (the LAW states, you are NOT to hug a trailer, you are to move ahead or behind)...but being the gentleman Honey Bear is, he is waving this idiot to get ahead of us as we have our signal on, the road is running out and the idiot stays where he/she THE last moment, where by this time, we are staring at a COMPLETE DROP OFF!!!!! it was at least six feet straight down in a matter of FEET before us, NOW this idiot zooms to CUT US OFF, not to pass us, not to move ahead as Honey Bear is asking them to do, NO...this person cuts us off, Honey Bear swings into that lane missing the drop off by literally INCHES, all the while the people behind us saw it all...THEY were not being an, this PERSON now speeds up, slows down, speeds up, slows down, changes lanes without signalling, etc...until they turned off....MY FAMILY was in a perilous situation due to this one complete, idiot....

I almost wanted us to hit that drop off and if it didn't kill us, I would have found a way to that person...seriously!

For your own knowledge, PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ON!!!!
Do NOT pass a truck on the right! (near miss accident while we are making a wide right hand turn into a dealer, a woman decides to try to zoom pass us AS WE ARE MAKING THE TURN! She runs off the road, nearly hitting a tree and has the NERVE to honk at us?!
Do NOT follow a truck to catch their wind in the back-if you cant be seen in our mirrors, you are not there!
Do NOT cut in front of a truck! To make a complete stop on an open highway, a truck needs hundreds of feet! That is why professionals like Honey Bear, he will leave at least three cars distance behind the car in front of us...and what happens? People see an open spot, or think the driver is being slow, etc..NO! We are doing this for our safety as well as YOURS!

Thats just one example of what we went through yesterday...people pulling straight out in front of you from side roads as we are doing the 60 mph speed limit...sigh.....

So, now we are in Kansas, taking a much needed break is our Eleven year anniversary...YEAH!!!!!!!!

I love my Honey Bear SOOOO much!



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