Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hey folks....we are STILL waiting on that very bad man, bossman - to pay us, to get us loaded and get headed back east...we have been stuck in Colorado since Saturday -- hence all of the postings, I have enjoyed my internet time :-)

It really stinks how some people/bosses...how they know you NEED a job and they think they can do anything they want to you...including talking degrading stuff to you, holding your pay hostage, etc....

So, extra prayers over all this if you can -- it would be appreciated.

It is sunny and absolutely BEAUTIFUl this morning - I put it as its like a day you go out for ice cream for no special reason kind of day, THATS how beautiful it is!

I will post as I can, if I stop, then you know we are on the road.

Have a great day!!




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