Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hi everyone!

We are in beautiful Iowa this morning...bossman wanted Honey Bear to drive over 1,000 miles last night! He expected us to get from the middle of Colorado to the east side of Chicago in 13-14 hrs...AFTER being awake since 7 am! Completely illegal, and he knows Honey Bear will not break ANY laws!

Just like so many jobs out there, the boss comes across as a great guy when you first start an then they turn into complete butt heads...this guy blames EVERYTHING on Honey Bear, holds his pay hostage (litterally)....and has pushed us to our limits to where we say its just not worth it. But, as a car hauler, we make more money then frieght trucks (its one of the top most dangerous jobs, we work even when the postman doesnt, we have a dirty, hard, amazing job)...

Anyway, Honey Bear is snoozing this morning...good for him! So I can post for ya. I also created a new link for recurring contests, sweeps and giveaways (for the ones that are ongoing - weekly & monthly) for easier finding them

Well, have yourselves a GREAT day!




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