Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hey all! we have been on the road all, Honey Bear and I are taking a rest...Colorado until Monday or Tuesday. Bossman wanted us out of here by Sunday night and we say NAY NAY! :-) Things are pretty much going know they are when you are not getting paid, you haven't done anything wrong, but are blamed for EVERYTHING, you get empty promises and your stomach hurts from all the stress...set the bossman aside, and we love our job! Well, you don't need to know all the details, but because Honey Bear is a PROFESSIONAL, honest, and hard working....apparently these are bad qualities for the owner of this company. So, I pray...and I ask you to prayer to get our back too!

Well, our party went well, but to have it, Honey Bear really had to put some miles in (taking time off is NOT an option, not even one day at this place), and once again, our truck needs repairs, we will sit in Colorado, giving me a chance to post for ya! For a while I have cleaning plans today after Honey Bear wakes up.

Enjoy this beautiful day and many blessings sent your way!




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