Thursday, March 25, 2010


Good morning!!

So, here we are in cloudy, gloomy, chilly Illinois (my home state until I met THE most wonderful Honey Bear 11 yrs ago who is a born and raised Bronx Boy!) - its funny how when you go from state to state, how much the weather was simply beautiful in Nebraska...

The job situation isnt going so great...bossmans expectations are simply outrageous and illegal. Sorry, but Honey Bear and I are professionals. He owes us a ton of money, wanted us to drive from Colorado to Gurnee, the its from Nebraska to Il to Detroit....mind you, no consideration for sleep, eat, bathroom...get tires replaced, etc.... Honey Bear let him have it took us five hours to get from the Rockies to the border of Colorado/Nebraska in the blizzard, going no faster then 25 miles an hour for miles and miles...He kept driving when you couldnt see, just so we wouldnt get stuck was amazing how well he was driving through it all....but for bossman, thats simply not good enough....AND we have zero motivation when you dont pay us..right?! Well, despite our professionalism, our taking good care of him, his equipment, customers, etc....because we dont run like the other two idiots (yep, the bad ones out there), nothing is good enough. Without the money he owes us, we cant quit....

So...thats how it is....

I have 2o minutes online this morning, so I am going to use it to post for you!

Have a great day!



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