Monday, March 29, 2010


Hi there everyone!

Well, we are stuck in Jersey through tomorrow...thats a good thing as we finally get some great food on the road (that I hadnt cooked!)...its so good to be so near home (New York)...

I just wanted to send out a quick reminder that all contests, freebies and coupons will be coming down at the end of the month (or near to it as access to the internet will give me)..I like to keep it sharp and clean around here, so grab them before they come down!

Its been in the 50s, raining and flooding all day, but we grabbed some sammies from one of our favorite stops...Jersey Boys..they make HUGE great sandwiches...chicken cutlet, eggplant parm and meatball parm....yes, two meals I said, its great to get some good food on the road :-)

Anyway, I will post myself silly tonight until Honey Bear boots me off the net. OH! And we got something worked out at this job...instead of quitting...we are going to take a two week vacation away from the stress, repairs and everything thats been bothering us about this job...they are going to get the truck fixed so it stops breaking down, then we are going to work an area instead of cross country...we are pysically exhausted, althoug we LOVE the people we meet, the awesome places we go to, but over the past two years, we have run from New York to California, then New York to Washington and since winter, New York to Colorado - and all points in far south as Texas and as far north as one mile from Canada...we are just tired...and, well...we will give this local (two - six nearby state run) a chance...see how it works out...give bossman a chance to redeem himself...

Ok, enough chatter...I will post off and on. Oh! and have yourself a GREAT day!



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