Friday, January 23, 2009

Have I Told You How Wonderful My Man Is?

I've restarted couponing after 20 yrs...yeah, it's been that long...sigh...

Well, I had two very nice ladies send me some coupons to start my collection up. I was keeping them in a pile and one evening, he decided to come to the store that offered double coupons with me. What a disaster! Thumbing through them all while trying to hurry up with his impatience...


I haven't been able to buy anything to keep them in, so I came up with the idea of using a CD carrying case. Ok, that works, but then when I had too many categories, it turned out to be too small, I was going to use TWO..


I started the conversation with eventually buying a bigger case when lo and behold, my wonderful wonderful man (yep, that wonderful), he gave me this huge CD case that wasn't used but every now and then. It holds all categories, has the room I needed, zips up so none fall out, easy to take to the store....need I say more?

I know that other people have found a three ring binder with all the accessories helpful, but when I had started out years ago, I labeled white envelopes and took my envelopes to the store...this 'new' system of mine, is AWESOME!!!



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