Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wow...This Is A Paragraph Worthy of Wow....

A fellow blogger ( Heart of A Servant ) posted this:

"There was something else I had noticed too: an initial acceptance of herself as she was and so of other people with their foibles. And she did as little scolding or criticizing of others for their foolish behavior or their sins as anyone I had ever known. It was not that she was Hearwilling to compromise with wrongdoing or poverty or ignorance, just that she was a long step ahead of wasting emotional energy on fretting. And she never put pressure on the rest of us to accept her opinions.The secret of her calm seemed to be that she was not trying to prove anything. She was - that was all. And her stance toward life seemed to say: God is - and that is enough." - from pg. 156 "Christy" by Catherine Marshall, c. 1967. Bookclub ed.

You can go to her blog to read her 'story' behind this post, but for me, this made me sit back and true, a huge compliment and isn't it the way we ALL should be?

Simply awesome...

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