Saturday, February 21, 2009

Becoming The Woman Of Our Man's Dreams...

That's important to all of us women, isn't it? I mean...when you first met, he fell in love with YOU over anyone else...right? Well, this is another reminder to myself that I want to post here to give others' a chance to reflect as I find myself doing today as it's my honey bears birthday tomorrow...and I would like very much to give him the gift of being the woman of his dreams every day of his life...something I have been falling short on lately.

Oh mind you, I'm just like everyone else...he does or says something incredibly silly, and then acts like he didn't do anything you know how ANNOYING that is?! Well, it's gotten the best of me lately and I really do love him with all of my, here's a reminder to myself, and I hope you find words of wisdom in here too...

Becoming the woman of his dreams won't happen until we decide we would rather win his heart than win the battle, do right than be right, give more than get more, wrap our arms around him instead of wrap him around our little finger. Becoming the woman of his dreams involves sacrifice. It involves respecting him as a man and a leader, adoring him as the one who makes your heart skip a beat, initiating intimate friendship through creating commonalities, safeguarding your home by putting him second only to God, encouraging him in his pursuits and dreams, and sexually fulfilling him. Many times this means denying ourselves and putting our man's needs above our own.

Hollywood tells us that we will be happy when we "find the right person." However, I have discovered that a successful and happy home life occurs when we become the right person.

Here's a very well put together prayer for myself and anyone else feeling the way I am today:

I pray that I will never try to lift myself up by putting him down. Lord, I pray that I will not be a proud woman who refuses to listen to him, who always has to have the last word, who always thinks her way is best. I pray that I will not be rude to him with curt comments, disregard his needs, and be ungrateful for all he does and is, but treat him with the respect and honor that the king of a castle deserves.

I pray that I will not be self seeking, always thinking about what is best for me, but thinking of what would be best for him. I pray that I will not be angered easily, not hold a grudge, not keep a record of wrongs, not plan ways to retaliate, and not use my tongue as a weapon to cause pain. I pray that I will not rejoice and say "I told you so" when things don't work out the way he hoped.

Lord, above all, I pray that he will see me as his chief cheerleader who desires to rejoice with him in his victories, both big and small. He will see me as one who longs to protect our home and our love. Help me to create a warm and loving environment in which he feels safe, wanted, and revered.

I pray that you will give me endurance when things get tough. Help the word quit to never enter my mind or cross my lips as an option.

Lord, I know that love never fails and that You never fail. Fill me with your Holy Spirit to give me the endurance to stand up under trials and love him as You would have me love him -- In Jesus' name, Amen.

(thanks to Sharon Jaynes for starting me on this reflection)

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