Wednesday, February 25, 2009


That's the attitude that Satan uses as his setup shot to spike a life-shattering sin right into your life. You feel "entitled" to some relief, to some pleasure, to some affection, to some sin, to get even, or to be bitter.

I have a friend right now who's abandoned his marriage, abandoned his ministry, believing that he's "entitled" to some love from someone else. He says, "Why are so many other people entitled to get a divorce and I'm not?" He's bought the entitlement lie, and Satan is using that to leave behind a trail of scarred and bleeding lives.

Be careful! The setup shot of feeling "entitled" is subtle.
It's expressed in feelings like these, "I deserve it after all I've done" or "after all I've been through." Or "I need it. I'm entitled to look after my needs for awhile." Or "Others are. Why can't I?"

If you're entertaining feelings like those, listen to the alarms going off today. You're being set up for something you never thought you would do or become. Satan uses the entitlement lie to give people an excuse for adultery, involvement with pornography, getting a divorce, sexual involvement, and harboring bitterness; all things that God hates. All things Jesus died to rescue you from.
Don't buy the entitlement lie; it is Satan's setup shot to spike something devastating into your life.
(thanks to Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc)

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