Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Is Love...

As the Lord has spoken to me many times in the past two weeks, this message really came home for me...

I raised a son who thought of me as his inspiration, I was his idol (in a good way) - when he had papers to write for school as to whom he looked up to, etc., he always chose me. His notes were on the hard work I did, how I loved him as is, no exception, how I'd get out of 'mom mode' and just be an honest to goodness friend. I cherish this about him. No matter him being 22 now, no matter his financial or work situation - just no matter what, I am his, what is the word I'm looking for? Heavens, I can't put my finger on it, but anyway, it has nothing at all with what I bought him, where I took him, has to do with my honest unconditional love for him. I was there, always. When I was out of mom mode, I was his non-judgemental friend. He told me everything, he accepted ME all the time and with him looking up to me so greatly, there ARE times I feel so pushed to the edge of dissappointing him, but I never do, he STILL admires me...nice..right?

Well, the relationship I have always had with him is the kind I want with EVERYONE in my life. I wish I had it. I read this today and it IS so true. This IS love, this IS the way I loved him and he loved me...this is exactly the description of a battle I've been dealing with, wishing with all my heart, to get it back, to keep it...and never lose it. It's hard to hold onto this truth, this today's society, when so many people don't get it...this is me, who 'I' am, and I admit to losing it, but am giving it my ALL to regain and retain it, always!

This is Love
23 Apr 2009Renee Swope
"This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins." 1 John 4:10 (NIV)

I was driving my son to school one morning when out of the blue I started wondering what makes him feel loved. I assumed it was when I buy him something, or when I make his favorite food, or when I let him have a friend over. Basically, I figured he feels most loved when I give him what He wants.

I decided to ask him. "Andrew, what makes you feel loved?

"He sat there quietly, thinking. Then he blurted out a surprising answer.


"This?" I asked.

"Yeah, Mom. This. You being with me. You driving me to school and talking to me about my day. You telling me you'll be there when I get home. That makes me feel loved. Thanks, Mom. I love you, bye!" And he hopped out of the car.

This is love?

You mean I don't have to run out and buy something? Me being there for him is love? Even after I was harsh with my words yesterday prompting him to ask if I was mad about something. Still, this is love?

As I drove away, I wondered if God were to ask me what makes me feel loved, what would I say? Immediately my heart whispered, "Lord, this is love. You asking and caring. You being there. You keeping Your promises like You said You would."

This is love.
• A promise that is kept.
• A place that is certain.
• Someone who asks.
• Someone who listens.
• Someone who is present again and again.

We are loved. We don't have to wait for God to show it. He already has! He sent His Son so that we could know Him in an intimate relationship. Then promised He'd always be there for us, and He is. He is present and listening. Asking and caring. No matter what we are going through today, we can live in His love. And we can love from the overflow of being loved. We can know and rely on God's promises and presence, and be made complete in Him.

This is love.

Dear Lord, thank You that You first loved us. Remind us and embrace us and pour out on us Your perfect, completing and unfailing love today. As we think of those we love, and the ways we want to be loved, remind us that we are Yours and we are loved! In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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