Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Words Of Wifely Wisdom...

I am doing some research and it seems I post more to this blog then to the webpage: Be The Heart Of Your Home , but I ran across this nifty note that really touched home with me. I am posting it here because, you know...when you really think about it, about your men, don't these statements make sense and WORK?!

Words Of Wifely Wisdom…
…from that ever-dependable source of domestic knowledge, Dorothy Dix.

DEAR DOROTHY DIX: Not long ago you published an article in your column entitled “What makes a man a good husband?” Will you please write a companion piece to it on “What makes a woman a good wife?”W. J. MAC M., JR.

ANSWER: Well, taking it by and large, I think it takes a larger assortment of virtues and more know-how to make a woman a good wife than it does to make a man a good husband. It is a harder job, with more angles to it, and hence more difficult to give satisfaction. It’s like beauty.

Husbands expect their wives to keep young and good-looking, but wives don’t expect their husbands to maintain their boyish figures and keep their hair.
But, coming down to brass tacks, I think that the thing that goes farthest towards making a woman a good wife is for her to be easy to live with. That is the virtue above all other virtues that every husband desires in his wife. He wants a wife who, in the words of the old poet, is to his faults blind, to his virtues very kind.

Next, I would rate a sense of humor as a “must” among wifely virtues. Every marriage is bound to have a lot of ups and downs in it. No husband is without his aggravating peculiarities, no children are not at times little pests. There are sickness and hard times in practically every family. But the ideal wife is the woman who can laugh things off, instead of having hysterics over them; who furns a smiling face on life and bucks her family up with her own courage.

A good wife is a woman who makes a career of wifehood. She takes it on the level. She doesn’t expect her husband to be something that he is not and never can be. She knows all his faults and defects, but she never re-proaches him with them. She makes of her love a cloak that hides his imperfections from others.

The woman who is a good wife Is a good provider. She is a good cook and feeds her family well and wisely. Her house is always tidy and a place of rest and peace.In a word, it sums up to this: The good wife is a woman who tries as hard to make a success of being a wife as she would at any other profession.

(I bolded the text that I truly beleive)

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