Saturday, April 4, 2009

You must have the HEART to change before you will truly take the initiative to finding out HOW to do it.

Here are a few tips for those who DO have the "heart-to" stop doing what is wrong:

-- First you say "No!" to that which is trying to poison your mind and your marriage. It starts with a decision and then an action.

-- And then you have to FLEE from that which you shouldn't be involved in. That's what the Bible tells us to do. You don't dabble in it or fight it; you flee from it and find help so that you don't go back.

When you play with anything that even hints of immoralty (see Ephesians 5) you're playing with fire. It sears the conscience and scars the soul" (Gary Kinnaman). Did you get that? Flee from it.

-- Seek Godly counsel and find an accountability partner to help you in your fight against the gravitational pull towards that which violates sacredness.

You can't protect yourself against everything all the time, but the rule can be: "As for me in my house (and to the best of your ability, outside of your house), we will honor the Lord." Psalm 101: says, "I will set before my eyes no vile thing." That's a good rule for us all -- no matter who we are or where we are!

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