Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Friday Morning!

Hi everyone - thank you so much for following us on twitter as well as saving our blog to your blog roll and being subscribers...we really appreciate it AND you!

This morning, I'm writing from Nebraska! We had a stint of warmth and sunshine after 5 pm while in Illinois, but other then that, its been cloudy and/or raining - don't start me yacking about the MONSOON rain we had in Michigan - oh boy, what a downfall! To be honest, that's one thing I miss about living on solid ground in the states...I mean, in New York (not the state, the islands - Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island), we would get rain, yes...but it came and'd occasionally get some great thunder or lightening, but nothing like what I have always been used to (home state is Illinois for me, Honey Bear is a born and raised Bronx boy!). I remember the sky being orange, or green, or the scary BLACK! And the thunder and lightening, when your hair would stand up! How exciting and scary at the same time. Its those little things in life that either I miss the most, or love the most....and this is one of them. I remember when my son was young, I just HAD to get out of the house and after much convincing, got him to come with me to the mall. Half way there, the wind picked up (this is in Illinois), the wind picked up, the sky changed to a funky green and I started to get worried....He convinced ME to turn around LOL! Get this...the road we were on, was tree lined on the left hand side and nothing but fields on the right. By the time I turned the car around and headed back to the house, the leaves were literally stripped from those trees!! I used so much strength to keep the car on the road, that I had to give in and park on the side...he was right in the first place, that day was NOT the day to go to the mall!

Anyway, let me run on over to my emails and see what I can post for you today. this morning, there is an excellent wireless signal, so luck is on our side that I have the Internet....most times at this stop, we don't.

Ok, see you in a bit...

Oh, ps...did you read my post from yesterday about sharing the road with truckers? if you did, I hope you took it to heart and if you missed it, here's the post:



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