Friday, May 15, 2009

I just read a really great post from another blog and MUST share it - Finding Grace

We have all been there, heck....just a year ago, (I even posted this story awhile back), Id walk into the same truck stops as this week, treated SO differently then I am now (then - dirty clothes from working on the, haircut, dress w/sweatshirt over it, my pink slippers Honey Bear just bought me, and light makeup - don't have to do physical work til tonight)....
I'm still the same person, just different life circumstances - not financially, just I treated better today then a year ago? yep...why?
Judgemental people...we are ALL guilty of this. I am guilty of it. Its been a part of life as we know it...
But, it doesn't have to be.
For myself, seeing as I am guilty as the next guy is, I have decided to work hard on this habit, as that's what it is, a habit I grew up with and at 45, I STILL have it - I have decided to work hard on it by, how? simple life lesson we all have learned at least once in our lives - IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, THEN DON'T SAY ANYTHING.
Yep, that simple. But instead of telling it to someone else, I tell it to myself. Every time a judgemental thought comes to mind, I cut myself off and repeat this sentence. Its become easier and easier now NOT to have a judgemental thought....Try it....most of all, you can read the post I'm referring to here:



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