Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Feminism - BOO!!!!

I spent MANY years working a mans profession - reason one is, because I could do it (I suffer from tendinitis in my back for the rest of my life now, even after pain killers and physical therapy)...reason two is, it was always more pay (even though I was always paid at the lowest end of the spectrum for the job) and reason three was, I was a single parent (the plus side was, as my son grew, I was always his mentor, his idol...his topic for reports).

God clearly stated that as women, we are to have our Faith first, our husbands second, our children third and so on. He clearly stated that our first priority is to our home. We make profit for our home, HOME...family. NOT to climb corporate ladders, not to satisfy our addictions or self pamper ourselves to extreme selfishness, but to give out of love what we have been given.

Feminism is a sore spot in me really. As when I was younger, I could really kick butt physically and mentally in the work place as well as my personal life. But...as time has now moved on, I have truly come to value the meaning of being a woman. It has nothing at all to do with having a career, family and the ability to have it all.....women who cling to this really miss out on their true strengths, joys and peace.

Go ahead, search for that rainbow, convince yourself how good feminism is to you, do what ever makes YOU feel safe, successful, etc. One, when you DO decide to have a family, you will either get it, or deny your children what this society has been screaming for (and the headlines blaze it loud and clear), the richest, most successful, most fulfilling (I don't care who you are or the size of your paycheck), there is NOTHING more priceless, then to see the child you raised have morals, standards, a good heart, wisdom, knowledge and self esteem!

Phyllis Schlafly: Feminists Psychoanalyze Themselves Again
The feminists are going through one of their periodic soul-searching psychological examinations of what the women's liberation movement did or did not do for them, and why they are not happy with the result.

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