Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Something that not only has hit home with me, but is weighing heavy on my heart right now is THE MAGIC OF GRATITUDE. For me, personally...I have zero problem loving..what I have a problem with is showing my gratitude for being loved.

I never complain about the love I recieve...God knows that...I am amazed, simply AMAZED at the love I recieve...what I have a problem with is, showing just how amazed I am. I try not to complain, but I seem to complain which, even if it has nothing to do with the love I am recieving, just complaining about ANYTHING shows your ungratefulness. I realize this now. So, I am making this change to myself to make it a point to show how grateful I am.

I love how my Honey Bear gives me the absolute best he has to offer. I am amazed with him. He will take care of me in the smallest detail and I am the kind of person who sees that as the biggest, grandest gift. For instance, he will make my entering and exiting the truck easier by moving the steering wheel, holding out his arm for support, opening and closing the door, letting me get in first...the list goes on and to me, these things are of greater value then anything he coul buy.

And, he makes it a point to keep me warm, safe..secure....how priceless is that?!?

So, bottom line here is this....in what ever way works for you...make it a point to show your gratitude daily...not just once a day, but ALL day long. It can make or break a relationship, a heart....a spirit.

Do you know a sign of gratitude can bring sunshine on a cloudy day? Do you know a smile or word of gratitude can build a self-esteem? Do you know how warm and comforting gratitude can feel when it seems your world is falling apart? All of these things MATTER. So, for me, I am choosing to make a difference...choosing to keep gratitude at the forefront of my mind...my activities, my thoughts...I am going to go to sleep each night KNOWING I made this positive change and be at peace with it, because it is a good thing.

What about you? Do you truly show gratitude, or simply be polite?

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