Friday, January 22, 2010

Texting....Driving....Dont Mix The Two...

Ok folks, I have said it many times in my postings, but with out life on the road, we see so many things from Gods wonders to complete idiots...sorry to offend some people, but I am not kidding when I say that.

It seems that no one notices my own posts on how real the problem is to be on the road with people who are texting and driving, BUT...even Oprah is getting on the band wagon of telling people to stop! Seriously folks, we see ADULTS more then teens texting - my own sister and neices are guilty of this so I am not picking on anyone!!

I posted the list of new state laws regarding texting and driving here in case your state is listed - I know in New York, even though people STILL do it, the fine is pretty darn hefty if caught! One of the guys I used to work with tried to get me to fight the ticket for him ($90), but after I asked him if he was guilty of it and he said yes, I said NO WAY! I also posted here our own experiences on the road with people who text.

It is just an accident waiting to happen (and HAS happened)!

So please, that text CAN wait...seriously.

Here is Oprahs message:
January 18, 2010America's New Deadly ObsessionIf you think you have the calling, texting and driving thing down…you do not. Sign our pledge to make your car a No Phone Zone and pass it on.
Take the pledge!
Oprah's new mission
How distracted driving really affects you
Put your brain to the test—take the quiz!



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